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Shipment Weight = Shipment Actual Weight
(use dimensional weight* if higher)

Distance = Miles from pickup location to delivery location

If you are unsure of the point to point mileage, visit or, and enter just the zip code at origin and the zip at destination. Then take the mileage given and enter it into the mileage field on the calculator.

*If you have a shipment calculated on dimensional weight (sometimes called "volume weight"), enter dimensional weight instead of actual weight. Dimensional weight is computed IN INCHES as (LxWxH)/194 = volume weight. If the volume weight is greater than actual weight, it is more accurate to use volume weight, since you're taking up a greater percentage of the trailer's capacity in linear feet versus weight.

A note on Truckload computations Some loads weigh more than 20,000lbs., some less. 20,000lbs. is considered an average weight.

All calculations and methodology reviewed and verified by Steffen Mueller, PhD, Principal Economist, University of Illinois at Chicago Energy Resources Center

General Notes
There are numerous variables that may impact emissions for better or worse, including aerodynamic configuration of a semi and trailer, tire pressure, driving style, weather, road grades, etc... The intention of this calculator is to be able to quickly compute the average shipment's emissions under average conditions.

Over time these calculators will become more robust and be better able to account for many different factors and different modes of transportation.

U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Energy Savings Through Increased Fuel Economy For Heavy-Duty Trucks


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